Design is more than a plan, a process, or a pretty picture.
      It’s a way of thinking and disrupting the status quo.
   Hear stories from the boldest influencers about design
        and how it shapes the world around us.

Design Story is a weekly podcast, airing on Thursdays.


Exploring Inspiration

Join host Jeni Herberger as she has a conversation with John Couch, Vice President, UX & Design at Hulu. They'll discuss the design revolution in corporate America, and why design is valuable at the highest level of problem solving.


Internationally recognized as a powerful force in changing the way people approach the business of branding and design, Jeni Herberger works tirelessly with creative leaders and corporate executives teaching them to connect and communicate. For over two decades, iconic brands such as Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, REI, Keurig, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Adobe Systems have turned to Jeni for advice on transforming their creative communication platform and forging effective connections between business policy and brand strategy.

Jeni is a dynamic corporate strategist and engaging speaker giving clients and audiences an unforgettable experience and unprecedented insight into designing a profitable reality uniquely their own. Her easy-going approach and quick-minded assessments are nothing short of brilliant. She focuses on the fundamental components of complex practices and is an agent of change for the business of design.

Jeni is co-founder and managing partner at The Fulcrum Agency. When not traveling the globe, she divides her time between the emerald city of Seattle and the golden coast of Kona, Hawaii.